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8 january mmxii
Dénouement, resolution, or catastrophe
DOMAHOKA: Another Earth Film Still
DOMAHOKA: Another Earth Film Still
DOMAHOKA: Melancholia Film Still
DOMAHOKA: Photo by Christian Geisnaes
DOMAHOKA: Melancholia Film Still
DOMAHOKA: Butterfly Nebula by NASA
DOMAHOKA: Early 1800 Capricornus

Recently, Mark and I watched Another Earth and Melancholia, two films that are a sensitive, stoic, and quiet yet powerful approach to the end of days. There were absolutely no zombies (although, we do love a good zombie flick). Instead, there was a trio of captivating actresses: Brit, Charlotte, and Kirsten, doppelgängers, a wedding celebration/collapse, meteorological impossibilities, magical horseback riding, pure, raw emotions, and bittersweet dénouements. Both works revolved around another planet above the horizon, visible to the naked eye. One imminently destructive; the other, a possibly threatening mirror image.

Science fiction turns into fact: Within our galaxy, NASA has discovered Earth’s twin, Kepler-22b, which is 600 light years away. Last month, the Kepler Science Conference detailed the Earth-like planet that orbits a star within a habitable zone. The awesome Kepler spacecraft serves as a space observatory, surveying our Milky Way galaxy for Earth analogs that circle other stars. My obsession with space started a bit later than the usual “I want to be an astronaut when I grow up” proclamation of a seven year-old. In 9th grade, a biology project led me to an obsession with outer space and engineering. In my dreams, I would be invited to design space suits that not only surpassed rigid guidelines of stabilizing internal pressure, temperature regulation, UV and particle radiation shielding, et cetera, but would also be extremely beautiful and carefully handcrafted for our brave astronauts. Out of this world fashion, naturally.

This post is especially for my husband, who is in constant motion, always ahead of his time; wise beyond his years. Mark is fascinated by the (un)impending apocalypse, sci-fi, and anything cosmos-related. Born into the constellation of Capricornus, the 8th of January marks his birthday. Happy day, my love! The future awaits.


words Doris Ho-Kane

image Film stills from Another Earth

image Film stills from Melancholia / Photo by Christian Geisnaes

image Butterfly Nebula from NASA website

image Early 1800s illustration of Capricornus